MeteoHeroes in over 30,000 schools across America with itsy bitsy Entertainment and Adventure 2 Learning

The animated series MeteoHeroes, aired all over the World and on PBS in North America, is now entering the schools of North America thanks to the collaboration between Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment and Adventure 2 Learning, educational platform used in over 30,000 schools in America.

Approximately 15 million kids, aged between 4 and 10, will have the incredible opportunity to learn in their classroom, the dynamics that drive climate change and above all understand how to act to reverse it, and all this while having fun through the adventures of MeteoHeroes.

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The climate change education series MeteoHeroes, produced by Mondo Tv and MeteoExpert – IconaClima, is all about the adventures of six little superheroes capable of controlling atmospheric phenomena (wind, snow, lightning, rain, temperature, clouds / fog) always ready to defend nature and to fight pollution and global warming.

The first season has been aired in most of the countries and territories associated with the Paris Climate Agreement (over 145 countries and 22 languages). This brilliant series debuted with great fanfare coast to coast on PBS, Earth Day ’22, and is planned for a full series rollout in the fall.

About 15 million children in America will study climate change with MeteoHeroes

It will be a unique opportunity for children to talk about these important topics directly at school, guided by teachers and educators. itsy bitsy Entertainment together with Adventure 2 Learning will offer an ambitious strategy which includes distribution of specially created in-school broadcasts of MeteoHeroes. This will ensure that this much needed climate change education available to every school in the country. These episodes will be paired with an age-graded curriculum developed by Adventure 2 Learning for children 4-10 with specialized activities for children to do both in school and at home with their families.

The animated series MeteoHeroes is aimed at involving children in being a part of the solution of the current climate crisis: we are not just spectators of this man-made climate crisis, but we can and must step in to reverse it. The series’ brilliance is its ability to use humor to educate, empower and help as much as 84% of children globally who are worried about climate change , many of whom are experiencing a potential mental crisis of epidemic proportions known as “Climate Anxiety.”

There’s no subject that’s nearer and dearer to my heart than science. We’re particularly excited to bring such an engaging program as MeteoHeroes to teach lessons about our planet and make learning about the environment fun!” stated Dr. Jenny Delfin, co-founder of Adventure 2 Learning.

I am so delighted to see the vision for Meteoheroes becoming a reality. From the beginning of this journey of changing the world through storytelling, we have been committed to making sure that The MeteoHeroes would be wherever children are and this relationship with Jenny and the incredible Adventure 2 Learning team allows us to get closer to that dream. There is no lesson more important for children to learn than the message of hope and that they have the power within themselves to change the world” said Kenn Viselman showrunner for MeteoHeroes in North America.

MeteoHeroes is produced in partnership with outspoken family entertainment maverick Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine), The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company, Mondo TV S.p.A, Meteo Experts and creator, Luigi Latini, whose mantra ‘education first,’ has helped to inform children and their families all over the world about ways in which we can all play a role in mitigating the effects of climate change. This deal was brokered by Deb Pierson, an experienced media executive.


Redazione giornalistica composta da esperti di clima e ambiente con competenze sviluppate negli anni, lavorando a stretto contatto con i meteorologi e i fisici in Meteo Expert (già conosciuto come Centro Epson Meteo dal 1995).

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